Madeline is a Technical Writer/Business Analyst with 10 years of business analysis experience, and is a James Madison University graduate. Her experience ranges from government owned financial reporting systems to privately owned children’s education websites and loves to put her creative talents to work with mock-ups and wireframes. She is a stickler for Requirements Management, and as a member of the Fraternal Order of Grammar Police (no, it’s not a real entity), she also loves correcting grammar both at work and on friends’ Facebook posts.

When not working, Madeline enjoys hearing the word “mommy” in rapid succession from her three young children, watching trashy reality TV, and all things zombie. She owns every issue of The Walking Dead graphic novels released to date, yet sort of despises the show. She is a makeup and shoe addict, er… I mean enthusiast, former vegan baker, and karaoke queen. But more importantly, she is totally in love with her three children and husband who mean more to her than anything else in the world.