Michelle is passionate about creating experiences for people – be it at our weekly Directus Account Meetings, or facilitating strategic planning workshops for clients.  She brings creativity and enthusiasm to create products that are useable and that make a difference.  

While her initial goal in life was to become a professional surfer, she never quite managed to make it out to a coast with decent waves.  With an MBA in Marketing and an MA in Education and Human Development, it’s clear Michelle loves to learn, though she still doesn’t know how to surf.  Her specialty is organizational development, change, strategy and communications.  

Michelle did her undergraduate work at Kent State University and firmly believes that hard work, attitude, and the belief that you CAN do it, is what makes people successful. She is originally from Cleveland, which, she claims, is a nice place to be from!

Working at Directus is a thrill for Michelle because it combines her visionary, planning and creative skills.  In addition, as a ‘non-techie’ person, she feels spoiled by having instant IT support sitting all around her.  Michelle finds the unique spirit of the Directus employees contagious, and has learned a lot from their work hard / play hard philosophy!  

In her limited free time, Michelle loves to do gymnastics, travel, meditate, paint, read, and spend time with her precocious 10-year old son, Ian, and her thoughtful fiancé, Nick.