Remi was a news junkie since she was a kid in New Orleans, watching the local news every night to see her dad, who was a Louisiana politician with a gift for soundbites. He encouraged Remi to be an on-air reporter, but she thought it would be far cooler to be the “behind-the-scenes” person who came up with clever lines for the anchors. After graduating from Tulane University, she followed through with that goal, and was a news producer for nearly a decade in her hometown, and later wrote for CNBC in London for a short time before relocating to Washington, D.C.  It was there that she took on the role of communications director for the congressman who represented New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. Most recently, she was the spokeswoman for New Orleans Police.

Remi thinks BIG, and loves making courageous ideas happen, especially when others tell her she’s wasting her time.  Best example:  Landing an on-camera interview with Shaquille O’Neal for a public affairs TV show that wasn’t even a blip on the ratings radar. It was the biggest “get” of her career (pun intended). 

For Remi, happiness is her son, Jack. They’re serious foodies, and enjoy cooking together and eating at outdoor cafes whenever the weather permits. She also dabbles in writing a TV sitcom about her time with New Orleans Police. It would be more comedy than drama.   

She was eager to jump on board with Directus after reading the staff’s bios.  The message she got: Directus is an environment of highly-skilled people who focus on getting the job done, but also who know when to take a breather, and have a good laugh.