Andrew is a hobbyist by trade and a people person at heart.  His most consuming hobbies include being a dad, a husband, and the fearless leader of Directus.  He claims that he is the “definition of an accidental entrepreneur” and was inspired to create Directus through the encouragement of a client.  However, Andrew’s entrepreneurial spirit has always been with him, like when he needed a tree in his yard chopped down.  Instead of hiring a tree service, he took a tree cutting course, invested in the necessary gear, and cut down his own tree!  He is the Paul Bunyan of technology! 

Andrew cites his most important Directus accomplishment as hiring exceptional people, creating a supportive environment for people to balance work and life, and building systems others deem “impossible” to create.  One of the key components to this work, he says, is the belief that it CAN be done!

Growing up in Budapest, Hungary, Andrew’s interest in technology was sparked by a passion for his Commodore 64.  He turned that interest into his first technology job as an integration consultant selling ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software.  He went on to manage large-scale projects in the private and federal sectors, and also acquired a Masters in Information Technology from Virginia Tech.

Among Andrew’s many hobbies, he enjoys motorcycles, fixing anything mechanical, classical music, skiing, and spending time with his wife and three children.