The best part of life is on the opposite side of comfort zone

Suchit was the typical geek: avid gamer, spending free time on building and modding his computers, reading technical manuals, and being a big sci-fi fan (think first day, first show, for Star Wars & Star Trek movies).

Then he got married and exchanged a red mustang convertible for a minivan!

His amazing wife is credited with pushing him out of his comfort zone and outside the ‘geeky’ lifestyle. If you meet him, do ask him about their first date, in a hot air balloon over Shenandoah Valley, Virginia. We guess it worked out, as they recently celebrated their 10th anniversary.

Trying new things became a mantra for Suchit. Fast forward to today and he can take you flying with birds (certified pilot), have you jump out of a perfectly good airplane (trained skydiver), drive over to a marina and take you out to sea on a sailboat (working on getting captain license), or dive down below 25ft in the open ocean (scuba diver). 

His love of computers started in 6th grade, continuing through Master’s in Computer Science from Rochester Institute of Technology. He is SAP and Tableau certified, and has managed large Business Intelligence & Infrastructure projects for SAP, Booz Allen Hamilton, Arbitron, Nielsen and many more.

Suchit still manages to crush video game scores (Max Level Solider on Mass Effect Andromeda), snag first day shows for sci-fi movies (when is the next Star Wars movie?) and goes absolutely overboard on his kids’ school projects. Who makes a working prototype for a 2nd grade project? Seriously?

 All in all, his kids think he’s a cool dad!! That’s winning in life!!